You cannot enter it at all or the time sets back to defaults when you restart the laptop? With a failed inverter you should get at lease a very faint image. I had reconnected the screen for testing and all seemed fine. Hello My scree is bad on my where can I purcase one and is it hard to change myself. You cannot upgrade the video card in this model.

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I reinstalled both modules rebooted and it continued with the clicking sound.

Just the power light is on and I hear the fan. Could be bad memory or video card. Ader seems to be glued on, how can I take it out please?

Remove the hard drive from your laptop. You cannot upgrade the video card in this model.

Test the 33100 with each RAM module installed into each slot separately. Test the laptop with each module in different slots separately. Just put it back in place as it was before. Instead of moving the laptop, try applying some pressure on different parts of the acer aspire 3100 bl51 cover keyboard bezel, palm rest, etc… Will it freeze the laptop?

If socan I replace it with a comparable SATA drive and use my factory rrestore disks to make everything good again? Test the hard drive. Acer aspire 3100 bl51 you have the same problem with a new hard drive, apparently the motherboard has a faulty IDE channel or defective HDD connector. Where is the video card?

Try replacing the hard drive. Asire Aspire just stop working tonight. Carefully separate the top cover from the base assembly. I replaced the HDD with the same model aer buttoned everything back up, but it was still reporting gibberish. By the way, did acer aspire 3100 bl51 find instructions for taking apart the display panel?

Which one do I need to get? Restart the laptop and press F8 when laptop starts. And number 2 is that when the computer finally comes on it sometimes freezes and turns to a blank acer aspire 3100 bl51 of what ever color I was looking at with vertical lines.

Taking apart Acer Aspire 5100

It was near the shift acer aspire 3100 bl51 on the right lower side of the keyboard. I have cleaned the fan and the ventilation using a vacuum cleaner. Install the hard drive into the enclosure and connect it to another working computer.

What can I do now? I have a really weird problem with a This problem has been a first for me.

When the keyboard on a laptop that is prctically brand new goes out and it is a motherboard issue, that only suggests one thing to me, and others I am sure, and that would be that your laptop is a waste acer aspire 3100 bl51 my hard earned money as well as my time in even considering the acer aspire 3100 bl51 Up to 2GB module into each slot.

Try reconnecting memory modules, removing them one by one and starting the laptop with each module separately. I removed the outer and inserted the inner and booted and nothing except a clicking sound from the cd drive.

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Maitinimo lizdas DC PJ10 1. Great 3100 have been making progress with the help of my friend Bob. Yes, you can do that. I have wireless N at acer aspire 3100 bl51 home now and I would just love to experience mbps. I think It is a board problem.