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As the community surrounding the mod was quite small at the early stages, the quality standards for maps were not set particularly high. Valve Software became involved during the development of Beta 5. It has a scope mounted on it, a forward assist that looks like a bent piece of wire, and completely different textures. These included the HK69 grenade launcher which would have inflicted serious damage but took a long time to reload.

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Further scenarios were gradually added in future releases. The left side of the CT spawn point has two cameras the CT team can use to get a better view of the outside area.

SEAL Team 6 is quite different from the one in the final game. However, unlike the SG and Knife, it never appeared as a usable weapon in any version of Counter-Strike. Cliffe was excited by the theme of the mod and offered to create a website for it, which is how he got involved with the mod.

Cameron WuDavid Marsh. The vents only connect the roof to the upper walkway in the warehouse. Side entrance to the building on the far right side of the building. These included the HK69 grenade launcher which would have inflicted serious damage but took a long time to reload. The world model is also different. These models use the default Half-Life player animations instead of the full set of custom animations the final player models use.

It eventually became the Phoenix Connection model used in the final game.

When a player dies, he drops a weapon box containing the weapon he was using when he died and the ammo strioe in it, like in Half-Life' s deathmatch. This idea was scrapped as Le figured that "if you die, you shouldn't be able to have more fun than if you were alive". Also, the door to counted room has been switched from the left side of the room to the right side of the room in Beta 1.

The camera room, which lets the Terrorists spy on the incoming Counter-Terrorists' movements. The scenario never achieved much popularity and in Beta 6. Driving an APC in Siege. At times, there was an uneven number of factions available for each side e.

Counter-Strike Beta

The level takes place in a large warehouse area, where the CTs have to rescue the hostages from the Terrorists. These player models were xtrike for being very hard to tell apart.

They formed the core of the original Counter-Strike Teamthough other people were also brought in to provide textures and maps for the game.

The left-most room on the first floor does not connect back to the front room. The Terrorist side has a built-in machine gun on the right side of it, making it easy for the Terrorists to wipe out the Counter-Terrorists as they come pouring in.

Oddly, the map uses one of the Xen skyboxes from Half-Lifewhich, combined with the grey rock texture the map uses a lot, makes it appear as if you're fighting on an alien planet instead of Earth. When hostages are rescued, the amount of hostages rescued with the "hostage" command are shown on the left side of the screen. Later versions add more lights so it's easier to see while navigating through the sewers.

The HUD weapon icons are less detailed than they are in the final game. This lets the player break the weapon system and hold multiple pistols, SMGs, or rifles.

The CTs have several options to enter the warehouse, from a front assault to sneaking in via the rafters. By the time May came around, the most urgent problem the mod was facing was the lack of mappers.

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Contents [ show ]. This prototype uses the Pistol crosshair from Half-Lifewhile the final game uses a unique and dynamic crosshair. THe M3 uses a different model in Beta 1. It replaced the old completely text-based interface for team selection and the buy menu. There were several gameplay elements that were trialed in the game during its beta stages.

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