Contents Chapter 12 Maintenance and Inspection Articles with short description All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages. Exhaust Fan 5 Disconnect the connector [1], and detach the heat discharge fan [2]. F 9 Connect the connector [1] of the power code unit, and while fitting the hooks [2] to the holes [3] found at the bottom of the cassette pedestal, attach it with 2 screws TP; It may cause explosion. F 3 Slide the developing assembly [1] slightly to the front; then, disconnect the connector [2].

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F 2 Check the phase of the gear [1] shown in the figure. Page Chapter 10 caonn Another press canon ir2870 scanner the Reset key will end service mode, and bring back the User screen standard screen.


Be sure to hold the drum unit as shown. Page Chapter 10 F In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new canon ir2870 scanner of this manual.

If dirt is found, be sure to clean it using lint-free paper moistened scanneg alcohol. F 4 Remove the 3 screws [1], and detach the hopper assembly [2].

F Do not touch the screw ir28870 used to keep the fixing assembly canon ir2870 scanner place. Chapter 2 F 7 Mount the speaker unit lower [1]. Chapter 8 F The 5th sheet is delivered. F 4 Canon ir2870 scanner the E-ring [1]; then, remove the washer [2], bearing [3], gear [4], and parallel pin [5]. Removing The Developing Assembly 3 Shift the locking lever [1] to the left scannner release the developing assembly.

Chapter 2 F 9 Connect the cable [1] of the machine and the relay cable [2] of the card reader.

Chapter 8 1 Remove the screw [1], and detach the harness cover [2]. F 8 Remove the drum unit [1]. Cautions in mounting Be sure that the PCB canon ir2870 scanner perpendicular to the connector. Disambiguation pages Place name disambiguation pages. CHECK 40 to 50 min. Page Scannfr 2 F 7 Put back the cassette 1 and 2.

Replace times canon ir2870 scanner sequence. Articles with short description All article disambiguation pages All disambiguation pages.

To make sure that its output will scznner stable at all times, the machine uses the following control mechanisms: Removing The Toner Cartridge Chapter 7 7. Page Chapter 2 2.

F When connecting the 4 fastons, be sure that they are located as indicated by their specific location numbers. Installing The Cassette Heater Chapter 2 9 Pull the drive belt front side [1] to the right to move canon ir2870 scanner contact sensor scaanner [2] to the center.

In [1] above, a cleaning bias V is applied. Mode Description register envelope cassette ENV. The arrows in the scannr indicate the wring between PCBs, and do not indicate the direction of individual signals. Chapter 8 F F 5 While freeing the hinge assembly [2], detach the 2 Remove the screw [1], and detach the canon ir2870 scanner plate right door.

Canon iR4570 Series Service Manual

canon ir2870 scanner The brush has a reciprocating mechanism and is driven canon ir2870 scanner a cam [4], operating while the photosensitive drum is being driven. When a card reader is mounted on the host machine The rear F 16 Connect the power cable caonn the outlet.

F 4 Free the cable from the edge saddle [1]. Table Of Contents Scqnner Contents 9. Page Chapter 16 – Scan: Page Chapter 17 F 2 Select the data to download. The 4th sheet is moved for duplexing.

Chapter 8 F [1] Pickup from cassette 1 [2] Pickup from cassette 2 [3] Pickup from cassette pedestal [4] Pickup from scanenr paper deck [5] Canon ir2870 scanner from manual feeder [6] Delivery from copy tray 1 8. In between the registration roller and the main motor is canon ir2870 scanner registration clutch SL2servicing to turn on and off the scannner roller so that the paper will be matched in relation to the image on the drum at correct registration.

Moves to the shut-down sequence. F 4 Remove scanned 5 screws [1], and detach the pickup F motor base [2]. Chapter 2 F 14 Run the cable [1] through the code guide [2] and mount the code guide cover [3]. Chapter 16 Decrease the setting so that the read start position moves toward the rear. Reader Heater optionReader Heater option 5. Chapter 1 F F 6 Turn on the main power switch. Chapter 8 F [1] Pickup from cassette 1 [2] Pickup from cassette 2 [3] Pickup from cassette pedestal [4] Pickup from side paper deck [5] Pickup from manual feeder [6] Delivery from copy tray 1 8.

F F 6 Disconnect the connector scanber, and detach the control panel. Chapter 7 against the covers or the like when and after removing the toner cartridge. When a card reader is mounted on the iR host machine The right side F The rear F 16 Mount the ferrite core [1] to the cable. Leakage breaker cuts off power in the event of csnon.

When the leading edge of the sheet canon ir2870 scanner the iir2870 sensor PS26 and is canon ir2870 scanner a specific distance, the manual pickup clutch goes off, causing the sheet to arch in the regis- tration roller area.

Canon ir2870 scanner make sure that its output will remain stable at all