If external video is fine and the problem appears only on the laptop screen, it could be one of the following: Stanley et al…My display quit working a couple of days ago, but flicks on and off as I move the lid up and down. Hubby is skilled and could do it with instructions. Is there a physical switch somewhere? On the other hand, if external monitor works fine and the problem appear only on the laptop screen, it could be one of the following: If the laptop will not charge two different batteries, most likely this is motherboard related problem. Any guidance much appreciated.

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I have found the magnet on the underneath of the bezel but I am at a loss what to do know. If that is the webcam cable, why presarip webcam is working perfectly if this cable is unlplugged?

Michaels June 23, Gangs February 27, My son has a Compaq CQ But there is color and if you manuever the screen back and worth sometimes you can get a clear compaq presario cq60-420us.

If yes then i will start compaq presario cq60-420us question. Amanda January 16, Hi I have a laptop compaq v The only way to get the LCD screen to work is to shutdown windows improperly power button or battery removal. I hope in compaq presario cq60-420us help. Most likely the battery is bad. I am trying to fix a friends Gateway MT laptop. Just to make sure that you buy a compatible screen.

I will get another inverter to try and see if the other was faulty. Lorenzo August 18, If both, backlight and image flickering, this could be loose video cable or bad video cable. presqrio

Battery charging problems | Laptop Repair

When I try to charge the battery occurs the problem … compaq presario cq60-420us, that the charging is intermittent and the screen loses brightness intermittently. I would just like some confirmation before I tell her she now needs to spend more money for an AC adapter. I tried removing the RAM and reinstalling it but nothing prwsario. Maybe the DC jack is loose and has to be resoldered or replaced. I have a hp Pavilion DVus dv laptop 5 months out of warranty.

I dropped my brandnew laptop within just a few weeks of purchase and could not believe compaq presario cq60-420us expensive it was to have repaired.

Goes dead on battery in about ten minutes.

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

This is battery failed. Sorry, I cannot give you better advice.

Repair went smoothly, and laptop is working fine. I appreciate your kind consideration. I will discuss most common failure examples and suggest some troubleshooting steps.

If the adapter is plugged in, it stays on for just about 2 compaq presario cq60-420us and then goes off. Sometimes the video harness gets damaged in the hinge area.

How to replace screen on HP G50 G60 G70

Kerry — Make sure you plugged in the video cable correctly. Most of the times compaq presario cq60-420us does not. I did follow your website and had similar problems as Compaq presario cq60-420us Bondy.

My Issue is that I accidently sat on my Laptop. It depends on the model of your laptop. I was hoping something was loose and by unplugging and replugging it would be fixed.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Step-by-step instructions were easy to follow and got the job done.