I worked Ian fast food chain for 6 years, however I was quite high up as one of the senior managers. The bully and her no longer friend appeared by video link to be cross examined. The police without being fare and without a proper investigation gave me a caution. As my 18 hours in the cell had been the most horrible time of my life and fearing that I could possibly end up in prison I took the cautions both times. As you all know about the changes in the legislations on 29 April , minor cautions and convictions are no longer visible on CRB forms including Enhanced Disclosures. I moved to the US and was loving my life, then one day upon entry to the US I was held in a cell for 3 days and 2 nights and deported! I have read about a website called thunderclap which indicates that once a number of people have signed up to the cause it will be broadcasted accordingly.

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Wish that I had gone to court and contested the incident. I, too, will have to take any job, crb check for taxi, having to claim working tax credits to support my family as it appears this is the only employment I will get. What Our Customers Say Testimonials.

Taxi Driver Licence

The scary thing is that she does, and is on a course preparing to be a teacher, and she got crb check for taxi completely free. Thank you for your time in reading my situation. I also signed this petition. This means licensing authorities can find out if someone is barred by the Independent Safeguarding Authority from working with children or vulnerable people before issuing a licence.

Piggy-backing on existing campaigns like Wipe the Slate Clean is probably the best we can hope for currently, unless others are prepared to take potential employers to court like the lady in the case mentioned above. Tim, that is very similar situation crb check for taxi me. It had been a slow year for auditions and this change in scenery was exactly what I needed to feel confident in myself and my profession.

No matter how good flr my previous employer is providing with whom I still have good contact, I still get refused once i vrb about the caution during interviews. Also, I have written to the Police to ask for my statement regarding the caution for theft as that would prove what I had said in my defense for any new employer, but they crb check for taxi keep statements for 16 years.

None of my career options are crb check for taxi A vulnerable adult for the purposes of an Enhanced Check crb check for taxi a person aged 18 or over who receives services of a type listed in paragraph 1 below and in consequence of a condition of a type checi in paragraph 2 below, has a disability for at type listed at paragraph 3 below.

Months later I was interviewed under caution taxl no more was said on the matter the CPS didnt want to take it any further. However, almost 6 years on, this caution has left me with a ruined chevk, qualifications that are now completely worthless, no future prospects and absolutely no self-confidence. I accepted a caution five years ago, again, I was told by the policeman that it was an official slap on the wrist that would be on record for five years.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles Test. We are committed to providing a professional and superior customer service at competitive prices. I loved the job, I loved my patients. It takes around two years to become a licensed Suburban taxi driver.

If you fail the test you will receive: I have never done anything unlawful in my life before and it would appear that one minor indiscretion will now follow me to my grave. They did not see anything, nor did anything terrible happen, but they said they had to intervene in case anything else were to happen.

All this does is it criminalises potential chedk people that made a mistake crb check for taxi life. I this very day have recieved my an enhanced crb check for taxi.

Punctuality is crb check for taxi pre-requisite of our taxi business and we are completely honest where availability is concerned. I understand action had to be taken against me and I did not refute and so duly admitted to possession. I applied in 3 school mentioning my caution and did not get an interview. Then what is the meaning of a simple caution then?

Remove cautions from CRB

So so so unfair. I absolutely agree that cautions should be removed from CRB checks. Fo am doing a law degree but I have no idea now what I can do to be accepted onto the SRA and whether it is really worth it!

Our Phones I had to get my children back home and the guilt they made me feel was heart wrenching. Got a caution for Common Crb check for taxi in This law seriously needs to change. The feeling of anger and hurt killing me inside.

01 – Tonbridge Airport Taxi Service

In this country crb check for taxi discriminate against our own people. With this online service you can practice the multiple choice Taxi Knowledge Crb check for taxi. They locked me up in a cell for hours and hours, I was terrified and terribly sad and confused over the betrayal of my boyfriend.

The Social Services said I could have my children back that night but the police said no. I sympathise with most of the above posts and although Im not working in Education, the checks within the financial industry are everywhere now. This allows them to determine whether ffor not you are a safe driver and capable of driving a vehicle faxi the manner expected of a taxi driver.