Do you see same problem on the external monitor when the laptop display is open all the way? When I turned it back on, the screen was very dim although I can still see the images. Will it become somewhat normal? Route the antenna and the LVDS cables through the routing channel. Should I be checking connections or something?

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I swapped in a new bulb even though the old bulb and inverter were probably fine.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

Check the memory, it may not making a good contact with the dell inspiron e1505 base system device slot. February 20, at 9: I can run the diagnostics, which detects no problems the video test is fine as well.

In my case, I changed the inverter and the screen worked again for 2 days, then it once again went so dim. After taking it apart and wiping it with a lens cloth, the water spots are all but gone! Anyone know who I might be able to buy from. Yep, looks like a classic inverter problem.

The thing I had the hardest time deciding was whether or not to get the 12 cell battery.

Carmen, Maybe the inverter board is located on the side from the LCD screen? When Toshiba logo appears on the screen, press Esc dell inspiron e1505 base system device or F1, or F2. The option is disabled by default. I have a HP-Compaq NC in which the screen shows color although with red tint for about seconds, afterward, it dsvice dark although everything still work, internet, et cetera, all still working.

Can dell inspiron e1505 base system device start the laptop if you find the right position for the adapter plug inside the jack? I was wondering if it was possible to take a 17 inch HP notebook screen and use it on a desktop. I have a Compaq presario V I found that Dell website is a very valuable source for all DIY-ers.

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The right side of the display is bright. Ocaisionally, it will stay on for a few hours. Test your laptop with an external monitor. The computer booted up fine and everything but the screen appeared to be working fine, but the LCD screen was speckled with water spots from one corner to the other. They say as a precaution.

As you see, the inverter board is attached to the bottom of the LCD screen. I have Compaq v notebook model. From my experience I can tell that CPU failures are very rare.

I did this I got everything out and fine. I have a Tecra S3 which is only a year old, just out of warranty. Works fine with an external VGA connected monitor. I have Dell Latitude D Did you try replacing the memory module with a new known good one? Dell inspiron e1505 base system device website is really helpfull. Could it be my RAM or motherboard?

I bought ny daughter a Dell Inspiron about 3 years ago. Reconnect the cable just in case and test the laptop again. Nope, this solution will not work.

Is it possible to replace the backlight bulb? It keeps getting worse. Thanks for this tip.