Then after a few tries it went back to no monitor, no USB Etc. Try testing the volt output on the adaptor pin which connects into the laptop with the help of a voltmeter. I had the same problem. Now I cant even get windows to boot up. You’re welcome my dear, I am here to help everyone. This may better explain my problem and how I messed it up. I think it might be just that the gold plated part of the memory stick was too dirty and cleaning it did the trick.

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Материнские платы Foxconn — скачать драйверы

Goyza – Foxconn 400m01 g 6l 17, at Thank you sooooo much. I switched my video card with one from another desktop and it didn’t change anything.

400m0 can I get it to work with both together? Braiden – Oct 24, at I changed the video card to a new one it didn’t help. What does FL stand for?

These continuous beep sounds indicate the absence of memory card in the motherboard. My god you are a genius. Rem – Jan 8, at But I can’t find any fault.

Placas base Foxconn — descargar los drivers

I have the same problem. Despite of all these I continue to have the same problem foxcinn that I installed everything in the new motherboard but I got the same: By going throgh ur suggestion of eraser trick on memory cardit started functioning well. The computer model number is H Hey – I’m having a similar problem with a dell dimension Thank you Thanks for your feedback. At this point, am I waiting for beep again?

I took the ram back and exchanged it for a new HDD. And thanks in advance. I put in a new PS a year ago when I foxconn 400m01 g 6l built the system, but that went on me a couple months foxcnn, so I am using foxconn 400m01 g 6l from out of a different computer. So, we’re on to the next step. Does this mean my motherboard is messed up. Windows may be corrupt? I did remove the fan to clean it but did not un plug it.


I removed the modem which I have no use for and you said could be the source of this issue and also removed the ram and ran an eraser off a 2 pencil across all the gold pins. Email Id removed for security thxs in advance.

It starts up without a BSOD, and tries to load Vista from the disk, but now it says it needs drivers, which we cannot find at all on foxcojn of the disks dell gave us. I believe this will not cost you much. The foxconn 400m01 g 6l info is: Removing and cleaning the memory stick’s contacts seemed to make the computer boot up correctly.

Found manuals on this mobo but no description as to what it foxconn 400m01 g 6l be – also tried other RAM and no effect. 400m001 Shirley, From the results you’ve got, I would advise you to replace the motherboard with a new one as the one you have is faulty.

My computer had the same problem, I foxconn 400m01 g 6l the RAM to the other slot and now it works fine! We’re at a loss. Sometimes it starts successfully then automatically takes restart and sometimes its doesn’t give any response. Please send your reply to Email Id removed for security.

Материнские платы Foxconn — драйверы

I have tried a number of different memory cards and in different slots as I have 4 slots 2 foxconn 400m01 g 6l and 2 black I understand that the foxconn 400m01 g 6l blue are in sequence and the 2 black are in sequence, so I also tried sets foxconnn memory as they were only MB strips first I tried the blue which is the first bank set, and then I tried the black nothing I do seems to make any difference.

We rely on our computer for homeschooling our 4 children, and it won’t boot up! Give me the motherboard’s model and everything which is written on your Processor.

It’s up to you now to decide about what you’ll do, repairing it or just buy another one. Report Respond to ruie.

I checked the power supply by connecting another one to my system but it did not help. I live in Mauritius. Dear DJ Thank you very much for this answer.

Placas base Foxconn — drivers

Hahaahahh, great, a beer!!! If you don’t foxconn 400m01 g 6l another PC to do this then you can always ask for help from a friend or relative. Put everything back together minus the modem and my PC boot right up first try. Thanks for the quick reply. So is this a memory card, PSU foxconn 400m01 g 6l Motherboard fault?

Put them back in and no monitor shows, just the test screen that says it is working properly. Please throw some of your astute brain cells my way and see if you could shed some light here?

Report Respond to Trent It spins upon power up but stops. I appreciate all the help I may get. Put a new video card in and check. After I read this it worked fine no changes made.