I have an Acer Aspire , screen is turning to black or image is garbeling generally black , while lights are still on, and notebook is still working and after a while turning back to normal. If you see same problem on the external monitor, this is video card related problem. June 9, at 6: Abecedad September 21, at 1: Until I restart it, I get a blank screen, no bios splash screen, it boots to windows because i can hear it and see it on the external monitor when connected.

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Make sure the LCD cable is plugged correctly into the new screen. I ran out of thermal paste so I searched for an alternative.

I heard that even external gateway p 6860fx works gateway p 6860fx could be still something cracked on the motherboard…is it right?

I have a laptop with HCL company. Gaheway I tried gatewqy the cable without any luck. My acer aspire has been out of action for months. Both cable and inverter it was fitting but when i turned on the power the motherboard smelled and now its dead.

My guinea pig HP lasted for over a year and is still going!

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard

Computer Repair Tips November 29, at All went well until I turned on the laptop for a second time to apply os updates and was met by a blank white screen. The image on the screen appears normal until gateway p 6860fx move the display up or down. Does the image come back?

I have gateway p 6860fx Acer Aspire Can still get on the internet on the area that is okay which is about inches gsteway. About F for minutes.

November 13, at 8: Tom September 7, at Maybe the cable got disconnected slightly when you dropped the laptop. So will I need a new motherboard. If gateway p 6860fx part is at a different temperature then some will be expanding, while others not, causing cracks — rather all expand, or contract together gateway p 6860fx same rate due to same temperature throughout.

My HP Pavilion dv6 was practically dead — after I gateway p 6860fx the power button I could hear the fan starting but the screen was dead and only the light on the wi-fi key gatewau was orange and the caps lock was blinking every 3 seconds or so.

I can rescue my files before gatewaj dies again — Thanks!

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D to expose chips from the top side. Hi there Repair Guy!

Any idea where i can gateway p 6860fx a new video cable. Though fan ws working bt lcd ws showing no lite nd no display. Gateway p 6860fx the these dots appear only on the laptop screen and not on the external monitor, it could be: Then, the next day came the anticipation of assembling the laptop again.

We use an electric grill in the shop. I began to think that the laptop went to very warm, open a part, cleaned the fan and reduce the processor speed by changing the temperature of the device.

After letting it cool for a bit and reassembling, it booted normally again. Try removing gateway p 6860fx modules one by one. When i preheated the oven i already inserted the motherboard. Reconnecting the cable on the back of the screen might fix your problem.

LCD screen cable | Laptop Parts

After 20 minutes to half an hour, remove the cool motherboard from the oven and begin rebuilding your laptop. If changing it with new one will work. I read some of the comments below about not placing it in a preheated oven as it would be too gateway p 6860fx.

Even though i dont make any rough use. The temperature of the oven I realised never became hot gateway p 6860fx to melt the solder but I expected it to expand and soften the damaged joints and repairing them for good. However this technique might at least allow you to get your laptop up and running gateway p 6860fx for a while, long enough perhaps to save up for a new laptop.

September 7, at 7: