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Also, it's a limitation if the widget only can open down so it has to be at the top of the page. In Phrase-Based SMT, the machine learns correspondence between languages from parallel text without the aid of linguist knowledge. If I had to point out one issue with the control that is provided is that is floats on top of the page content and isn't integrated into the page itself.

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Microsoft Translator Logo and favicon of Microsoft Translator, which appears along the title in the web browser. Webmasters can also enable the collaborative translation framework CTF to harness the power of their user community to improve translations over time.

A personal universal translator that enables up to people to have live, multi-device, multi-language, in person translated conversations.

Would be great to get a small fee for that. Then you will have shared access to your data via API and widget.

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. I have signed up for the Translator API on the Azure Marketplace, and can successfully translate my site text using the "Translate" method.

Save my name, email, and website widgget this browser for the next time I comment. English" top label has minimal styling so as to enable the user to easily integrate it into the look and feel of their site Demo Source.

No need to ging programming intricacies, or how to call an API. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our translations by gathering more data. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

The API, which is available through subscription, is free for lower translation volumes, and is charged according to a tiered payment system for volumes exceeding two million characters per month. Laurence Moroney 1, 5 September 11, at 4: It is very nice that you have developed such a project.

Bing - Translator Widget

Copy the code above. Manual Translatoe when visitor clicks on the translate button. This makes it a somewhat jarring experience for the user since the control can cover content on the page though it can be dragged out of the way. The translation engine is worked on continuously to deliver better quality and more languages.

This ensures that the output translation is fluent and readable. Is there any way to collaborate with you by giving you the correct translation of the Windows Update Description elements such as applied fixes in my case it is Russian language. My question is whether I can retrieve, through the API, the translations submitted and accepted through the Bing Widget? Retrieved binv October I would like to have my translation experts use the Bing Widget interface to input their translations suggest alternative translation.

June 30, at 2: It should have gotten that when I associated the widget to my Microsoft Translator Data Subscription.

Microsoft Translator

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. November 4, at 4: First, a first stage models the word that needs to be translated based on the context of this word and its possible translations within the full sentence.

November 27, at The Microsoft Translator Hub is only available for wwidget machine translation and cannot be used with the newest version of the Microsoft Translator API.

Logo and favicon of Microsoft Translator, which appears along the title in the web browser. translatr

These alternative translations are then integrated into the Microsoft Translator algorithms to improve future translations. The Hub has also been used for language preservation, allowing communities to create their own language translation systems for language and cultural preservation.

Language Modeling uses n-gram models to construct comprehensible translations in the target language. Bing Translator integrates with several other Microsoft products.

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