Move heli forward it says go faster move it backward it says go fast same right and left.. Originally Posted by Ivor Hill It depends on the quality of your existing gyro. Configured by computer through USB. Slot of controller which is unused should be covered to prevent oil stain or oxidation. This gyro also contain some Temperature sensor and some other sensors too. Are you saying it corrects ok on aileron but not on elevator Are the servos moving at all when you tip the hel forwards.

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Kds flymentor at the heli from the side use the elevator kds flymentor slider under the servo tab kds flymentor level the swash, looking at the helicopter from the front use aileron slider to level the swash. Disconnect motor, power up TX and Helicopter, LED on FM should be flashing green, and connect to Helibal Program Check that swash type,blade direction and gyro camera directions are set correctly under the Helibal mounting tab.

During adjusting, please be careful about following: Best Match Best Match. Is it kds flymentor to invest this item? Password Please enter a password for your user account. Confirm all parts of Flymentor 3D have been mounted on helicopter firmly, and the lens of CCD can see the ground, and you should keep the lens clean. You may add kds flymentor ring on wires between controller, sensor and CCD to reduce electronic disturbance.

Condition see all Condition.

Flymentor 3D helicopter stabilisation System

Originally Posted by Ivor Hill. It’s doing everything backwards. Kds flymentor to Threaded Mode. Once kds flymentor normal mode the tail servo will move to center, set the tail slider so that it is a little off center this is to counter the rotor torque Test fly and slide the servo along the boom until the helicopter will hover without stick input or trim.

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If the elevator servo is front mounted, The left kds flymentor to port 2 and flymejtor servo to port 1. Quote message in reply? If you are using the FM flymentro gyro connect tail servo to port 5 on FM.

It kds flymentor recommended to make electronic connection between tail pipe, motor shell and helicopter base for earth connection. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

Flymentor 3D helicopter stabilisation System

Last edited by nightflyr; at Thanks to the 3-Axis gyro, it can work all around degree correction. The CCD Kds flymentor will constantly taking pictures of the ground, and compare kds flymentor frame, to see if the helicopter is drifting, kdss it tells the Flymentor Mixer to give correction to all cyclic servos.

Originally Posted by JerryB.

What we provide you is a brand new box supplied from KDS factory. The Kds flymentor Camera’s job is to take image of the ground, then to provide a signal to the Flymentor Mixer, and gives the correction to kds flymentor cyclic servos. All flymenntor One Simulator. Originally Posted by Livonia bob. It is not difficult, but you must have some experience in installing the RX. Save kds flymentor to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.

If you are using the FM tail gyro Gray wire connects to the rudder port, Green connects to the gyro gain port. Please kds flymentor a valid email address for yourself. If you are useing a quality gyro you will not be happy with the Flymentor kds flymentor so it would be best to retain your existing one.

Just kds flymentor, I’m also a newbie on the FM and I’m trying top get the best preformance for the price. With the helicopter in position mode green light if the helicopter rocks side to side and fore and aft dancing in a hover reduce the gain just enough to stop it.

Guaranteed Delivery kds flymentor all Guaranteed Delivery.

If the tail drive structure flymenotr belt, you should pay more attention kds flymentor this issure. Originally Posted by JerryB first of all great notes it help me alot this kds flymentor is not an ez add on, i have a HK i mounted mine on and after reading your message and looking my heli over i”m sure i have it all set up right but when i try taking off it wants to fly to the right kds flymentor time, then i kds flymentor trimming it out more still the same thing any ideas what i can try next?

Configured by computer through USB. I have found it quite good for isolating against vibrations but does not hold the gyro very well,hence the velcro strap that is supplied with the gell.

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Kds flymentor fit a pitch gauge and under the control tab use pitch slider to set pitch range. The concept is basically an Eye watching the ground and make adjustment, kinda like a real human. kds flymentor

The system act as a Auto Pilot, it will kds flymentor steps in when you don’t give any input, but once you move your hands on the kds flymentor sticks again, the system will de-activate and jds you take charge again, pretty amazing, isn’t it? Wires which are unused should be locked to prevent unexpected affection. Then use pitch slider to set servo arms at 90 degrees.

The system provides 2 main features, Stabilizing Mode and Positioning Mode. Tip the helicopter and under the servo tab set the servo directions and send to FM so that when the helicopter is tipped, the swash moves to correct in the opposite direction.

No Preference filter kds flymentor. Attrition between belt and metal will get static electricity, and it will disturb other electronic devives of helicopter.

You will not get all servo at exactly at 90 kds flymentor just get them as close as possible. I have it mounted with arrow to rear kds flymentor is the gyro, kvs gyro is mounted upside down.

Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Connected,controlled by TX disconnected controlled in Kds flymentor.