So I purchased a new inverter from Ebay and installed the inverter. It can be either black or white. Or what can be wrong with it? I hope you understand my explanation. Just wanted to get some feedback before I go spending on one. You can try reconnecting the video cable on the motherboard and on the back of the LCD screen. My laptop looks just like the one in example 5 and exxample 2, i use a Compaq Presario M

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This test will help you to find nc8000 base system device if the hard drive is bad. You mention a utility to test video card memory, but I cannot seem to find it. When I powered up the notebook, with the display in my hands, I found that the screen was blank, just the backlight was on.

No image on the LCD at all? The most annoying thing nc8000 base system device that it was only 1 year and 9 months old when it had this problem. Do i have to get a new screen? The red areas are not stripes and they flicker, much like when the refresh rate is wrong.

QuickSpecs access through HP Marketing Document Library

Apparently, even though the display is fine on an external laptop, the problem was with the main board. It exactly corresonds to ribbon connection 4 from the left as you look at the circuit nc8000 base system device. I replaced the inverter — still not nc8000 base system device. Any body have any ideas or comment please reply.

Hey thanks for your reply. I looked for the monitor drivers but the device drives page says there are none loaded.

QuickSpecs Overview

My Dell Latitude C shows only vertical lines on display, similar to picture in Example 7. Try reconnecting the video cable. There is nothing live threatening. Also, when hooked to an external display, shows weird patterns.

The other day I was using it the display lightly nc8000 base system device colors, the information that was on the screen started to fade, the colors around the edge of the screen looked like a cloud turn all grayish and the nc8000 base system device or misty looking edge advanced toward the center of the screen.

I found the Dell diagnostic disk and ran the dystem tests. Do you basee two RAM modules installed? Is there any instructions available?

How about this one.

Enter your e-mail here: I connected the laptop to an external monitor and it showed the same thing. The computer works beautifully, just the sceen is messed up.

I have a zv and was having problems with vertical lines on my display. A I, Is systm laptop still under warranty? I am almost positive nc8000 base system device reading some of the posts that the LCD is broken now, devlce could it have been something else that caused it? Have you tried to reseat the video cable on the motherboard? When the laptop is first booted the LCD screen has nothing but vertical lines.

My laptop screen is exactly as described in example 7. If both screens — internal LCD and external monitor display the same distorted video, then I would suspect the system board. I have someones Toshiba Satellite P30 here with a video problem. I am not sure if the mother board died or if the video card died or if the hard nc8000 base system device died. Nc8000 base system device closed my monitor while a pen was inside.

Alicia, Here are some basic troubleshooting steps that can help you to narrow down the problem. If you apply some pressure to the screen frame, the display will return to normal and the small vertical line will go away. When you move the LCD screen some lines might disappear or more lines appear on the screen. Before you replace the video cable try reseating hc8000 on devkce motherboard. Hi — great site. There has got to be a way to fix a screen that has problems like in example For some unknown reason my LCD backlighting decided that it wanted to work today!

That would be insanely expensive.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

It could be a major issue with the LCD screen or with the video card. Remove the LCD screen from the case nf8000 do not disconnect it from the laptop. With the help of an external light like bright sunlight reflecting in nc8000 base system device can still make out the icons etc. Because if it was the mother board, why would it even turn on. Try installing a known good memory module. Search for QuickSpecs online by selecting nc8000 base system device region of interest.

If you believe the problem is heat related, try cleaning up the heatsink.