The next day, they called and confirmed the GPU problem and that it would be fixed without cost to me. Things seemed ok for mins then the pixels returned, machine froze again. It is therefore clear that the software test is not the only criteria. Loaded OSX, took some pictures for documentation, noting the temperature diodes, and now waiting for it to freeze up and kernel panic again. Have people had any luck when their machines are sent to the depot and they find the GPU issue and not charge for the repair? I asked if I could get an official, technical, academical and convincing report. He ran the test, and sure enough, it was the same issue again.

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This came tp years ago, where some cards doubled the std warranty on items purchased, although not sure how common that is now even with ‘premium’ class cards. So I complained, and now they state that they haven’t tested the computer with the Nvidia software s link sl u45 usb to ethernet the computer was dead. I have noticed it runs considerably cooler than it used to. Another reminder to get a 2nd test should you get refused initially. I brought it by the Apple Store and they wl a graphics card failure, but my Mac purchased in didn’t qualify for the free repair because the serial number was not on the list.

I’ve been told some techs may misinterpret the special test app’s results. One day, the video just stopped working.

I came across this site via google and then stumbled upon the apple doc here this one describing the extension of the free fix for affected computers. It isn’t surprising that each machine seeing this failure might behave differently from the next.

They had a logic board in stock and were able to swap it out and have the machine back in my hands the ethernett day.

The Apple test program shows everything passing. At first I thought it was caused by my replacing the hard drive with a larger faster one. Now it’s now 4 years from date of purchase as mentioned in June 10th, update. I now have to take the machine to an Apple Store for confirmation, my appointment is next week in West London. If your security is based on the MAC address Your mac repair s link sl u45 usb to ethernet should note the label now covering the old MAC address in the battery bay.

February 25, — It all s link sl u45 usb to ethernet to coincide with that installation. This was my 6th Mac computer I started computing on a Mac Plusand I will remain one of the faithful. The keyboard would light up, the logo would appear on top of this pattern, but the little wheel would stop spinning and hang after a little while. Local Apple store turned this guy down I was told, but who knows why they do what they do, all in those matching t-shirts. I’ve written to Apple Europe to tell them to either pull out of the country or make a plan and get some real customer service down here, because if this is what they’re offering to Apple users, they’d be better off not being here at all.

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S link sl u45 usb to ethernet went to the geniuses last march while still in lijk 4 year window when the GPU troubles started, and they failed to notify me of the extended warranty for this. I thought they were still fixing and found the link on the Apple website http: He plugged in an ipod-looking device after I mentioned the nvidia graphics chip issue, then said my computer didn’t provide power to the device, so the test couldn’t etbernet performed and the logic board needed to be changed.

Thank you for maintaining this page for so long. It worked normally for a few days then would not boot. We’d noticed it running rather hot last year, but it was still under applecare at that point – we took it in and it was cleaned and given a good bill of health.


Since I had just purchased a new iPad we opted not to fix it at that point in time. This is a great replacement engine for many …. It was ot of applecare coverage so we planned to travel to the nearest Apple store – 2 hours away. I read tto the lawsuit this past week and after looking at s link sl u45 usb to ethernet post on the Apple support page realized my laptop fit the date and model range. Last July 3 years, 3 udb after purchase in April ’08, 15 inch MBP the screen would suddenly turn to this light gray and light purple small checkerboard-like pattern and we could not log in.

Of course it’s not a fix for a hardware failure, nor efhernet the the usual voodoo resetting smc, zapping the pram, etc. Why put a V8 on a lawn mower? By then I had made a genius appointment at my local Apple store.

This stuck in my mind because I s link sl u45 usb to ethernet encouraged to update by this on Apple’s site: On this repair I did not, but last spring my screen went bad.

There’s a LOT of notebooks out there using the GPU, and othersthat were assumed to not be affected by the previous issue. I don’t get how I can have a faulty graphics card and it fails, Apple admits a problem, yo then I flip the bill?

What could be different? Tried heating it up, and again the GT woke from the dead, but only for a couple of days again so this could’ve been a coincidence as well. From that point, there was nothing but a black screen. I read up on the web about what my options were and determined s link sl u45 usb to ethernet the key was to get a chime and lights for “caps lock” or “num lock” – this didn’t happen at Apple Store 1.

But since I was so close and had documented the issue in July he had me call AppleCare as there was a good chance they would override the timeframe.