No sign on page, no windows logo, no nothing but a white screen. But when I plug-in power cord and reboot It becomes ok. Your description is not very clear. I am looking for a guide to disassemble the body of the sucker. But the computer can start. Another trawl resulted in my replacing the video ribbon cable; this made no difference. Or are there reliable sellers out there on eBay?

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But it only happens when windows 7 turns the display off in the power saving options. Could it me the lcd screen.

Maybe your laptop overheats? Rosa June 24, Wilson July 26, Sony vaio pcg 6n1l would, however, prefer a few more words about the difficulty of particular tasks. I have read through the guides and I am ready to tackle the repair, but where to start?

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Can I vaiio the screen sony vaio pcg 6n1l hooking my laptop up to the television? My test screen is cracked and because of that you see a wide white band in the center but it still works fine for this valo. I have tried to purchase spares from sony uk sony vaio pcg 6n1l they want to carry out the repair themselves, they wont even give me an estimate without charging me for the privilege. Troubleshooting laptops with black screens will be similar. I tried with external monitors and it worked fine too.

Tamie July 4, Hi — would appreciate some advice if anyone can help? If external video works fine, check the display cable on both ends.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

Hi guys, I have a sony vaio vgn-avp which is now 6 or 7 years old. Try reconnecting the video cable on the back of the screen.

I checked it as you said and BAM! At first it starts as it dependent of the angle of opening. Actually both the speakers are not working. Kevin March 16, Yo man i knew you was right you just saved me bucks from getting a sony vaio pcg 6n1l screen my connector vaip hangin buy a thread when i took apart the screen thank you soooooo lcg. Ajay Sharma August 18, Where can I buy replacement LCD-panel if that is enough? Salvador Molina September 17, I see someone fixed it but was still white and the screen needs replacing.

Bob October 12, When this problem happens, I close the lid and my laptop goes to standby mode,after that I open the lid sony vaio pcg 6n1l the screen it lit again, Sometimes I have to close and open several times to get it lit back.

If your device is still covered under warranty, they will fix it at no charge. Gerald July 4, Ppcg in advance for any help with this fix!! The screen jumps and little gaio burns into cpg sony vaio pcg 6n1l and doesnt allow me to see or work. I hav by mistake change de power setting.

Rodrigo June 20, Mark June 14, LCD panel show very bright white some black line, spots and bordering. I do not understand why your repair people cannot find the problem.

The only way to find the sonh is testing the laptop with another working screen. I am working with an Inspiron yes i know ancient but i am taking the screen out and converting it to be used somewhere else. Thanx for the Sony repair manual links — sure appriciate it. I would like sony vaio pcg 6n1l someone help me with this question trying to find the correct defect with my laptop.

Can anyone help locate a new sony vaio pcg 6n1l and email me a how to fix this laptop? Make sure you plug it in all the way. Ben Smith August 11, The cable was loose. Sometimes I turn it on and it is white, some other times it is normal, and some others, I lose the video while working! The connector must be the same. When I apply pressure to the keyboard area or bend it slightly the screen goes flikery and messed up.

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Sir i pc having a sony laptop VGN-FE41Z of which i am looking for a complete service manual can you provide me with the same please. Do you mean sony vaio pcg 6n1l laptop is still under warranty and they are trying to charge you for the screen replacement? So far I replaced the screen, motherboard, and the inverter. When I chose one without a password, the white screen the came on.

My laptop booted to the username screen.