My first suggest was that the backlight could be defect or smth. Does the white tape get pulled back and the old metal frame removed and goe on the replacement lcd? Try reconnecting the video cable just in case. I got 8 Dell Windows staring back at me, then 8 Windows 7 boot ups then everything goes blank. I have noticed that a pin from ribbon connector is not there so do you think that could be the issue?

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Can you see image on the external monitor?

It gets very hot at times sony vaio pcg 7t1l the top left corner of the sony vaio pcg 7t1l and has even occassionally shut itself off.

Keith November 11, If I squeeze the screen it works, but when I let go, the screen freezes at the image of when it was last being squeezed. Put it back together. Any suggestion what is the problem? I really appreciate your time and help with any advice you could give. Take a look inside the video connector on the motherboard.

Melinda November 10, Tried the old inverter with the new screen. The replacement screen is going back. Michael July 25, Did you install the correct video cable, maybe you purchased a wrong cable?

New screen installed but not working | Laptop Repair

The video is intermittent but mostly absent. This makes no difference. Does that sound possible? Did i somehow damage the video cable? Ed Aycock April 29, I was thinking that maybe I could somehow modify and flash a new BIOS that includes support for this monitor. I replaced the screen, sony vaio pcg 7t1l vsio the screen shows an uniform gray picture.

Skip to Main Content. I read on this site and several others that replacing LCD should take care of it but what else is going on with my laptop? While working on my inspiron E and sony vaio pcg 7t1l putting it sony vaio pcg 7t1l together, I had no screen. Thank fully external monitor works. After connecting cables and powering up, it switches from gray, grayscale, red, green, blue, and then white to black 4 times quickly. I cracked the screen of Toshiba A resulting in coloured and white patterns.

My laptop starts up OK. Valerie September 23, So I went ahead and replaced both inverters as well.

New screen installed but not working

Gary Gemmell July 3, Make sure the CPU is seated correctly and the socket is locked. Stan February 17, Could you show me how to replace it?

I opened it back up which is a pain I might add… and reseated the cables. I checked the pins on the cable and cleaned them. I took apart the screen enclosure, checked sony vaio pcg 7t1l connections, and nothing changed after I put it all back together.

Does it go into BIOS with the hard drive removed? Last week I replaced my broken LCD. Your description sounds like a bad screen.

When I look at the replacement it has no screw holes on the frame for the inverter or sony vaio pcg 7t1l piece on top mounting bracket that the bezel is attached to. What else could it be? I also connected my old one back it still works just got a big crack everything works fine….

7tl1 am sick of this bulky monitor and would like nothing more than a fully functioning laptop! Do you think that could be the problem? Although its sony vaio pcg 7t1l used very often. I unplugged the 7t1ll, shut down the notebook and came back 5 minutes later and it turns on fine even without the external monitor.

Start it back up, no monitor, but there is a back light. I plugged it in following instructions and double checked the video cable vwio. I might touch it and when turned on the laptop the pixel in LCD damaged. I installed a new LED screen, it powers on and sony vaio pcg 7t1l looks good.