First problem occurred at this point. If it would be just a bad keyboard, the laptop would start. My AC adapter was producing noise when it charges the battery, so I took it to a repair center not Toshiba Authorized Service. If you still have a problem with only one memory module in place either module , most likely this is the motherboard failure. June 11, at 6: The system board is mounted inside the laptop base assembly.

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Do I have to pay for repair? I have a Compal AL51 based system: You can do visual inspection.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Could you help me in this problem. The DC jack not making good contact with the motherboard and has to be resoldered. November 10, at After that you can search by the part number. I have tried taking the battery out and powering it toshbia way and such and Toshiba satellite a305 s6872 have not had any luck.

The laptop is dead, it has no lights even with new adapter.

Most likely your search will bring you toshiba satellite a305 s6872 places where you can buy a new motherboard for your laptop. If the Toshiba Hardware utility is not present, try the F2 key method and the Esc key method see below. Is it necessary to w305 everythign after mainboard replacement?

Need your input what the real problem here. May be I have to purchase toshibq one and check is this battery problem or motherboard. I have goshiba taking everything out one by one to figure toshiba satellite a305 s6872 out but I am not having any luck.

There is a chnce to find a replacement motherobard this way. Just remove the hard drive, install it into the external USB enclosure and connect this enclosure to any other working PC. September 12, at Sounds like motherboard failure to me.

I shown my laptop to local laptop repair technicians.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

About a year ago a child of mine got ice cream on the power button. Can i find it in the stores? Should work fine now. I have a Compaq Presario Cus that stopped working.

I am not having any spare battery to check. On 3 occasions, it didnt even made it pass POST. How can i reset the bios, so i toshiba satellite a305 s6872 be clearly that is something else??? I just sent my computer back to HP.

January 19, at 2: The motherboard toshiba satellite a305 s6872 can be replaced but is it worth it? After that it stopped working. Replace the system board and reuse the detachable parts to reconnect it? The only way to find out is testing the laptop with another known good AC adapter. Remove the cover and blow off the dust.

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

The CD rom will write CDs only sometimes and now the keyboard has stopped working. When I run it off the wall jack and power it on, I momentarily see the startup screen before everything blacks toshiba satellite a305 s6872. I then hooked up the AC adapter and the it appears as its charging the three lights are flashing.

Toshiba satellite a305 s6872 sxtellite, at 3: When you enter the BIOS setup menu and change toshiba satellite a305 s6872, is there any button to save settings? November 7, at When i used only the battery it does the same at hthe beggining and when i press the power button it loads normally but does not charge.

Took out hd, dvd, memory, then finally the keyboard and underneath was some drops of water which was quickly cleaned out. If the AC adapter plugged into the laptop when it is turned off, nothing happens even the power indicator light.

Some capacitors replaced and small part of circuit removed. I like the advice about trying the laptop after I remove each part.