I snet my one maching out and it came back reformated with a blank hard drve. At first, I was able to wiggle the cord and it would switch back to AC. My previous post should read: If you cannot start it, check the DC jack. Use a small screwdriver or razor to scrape some of the green solder mask off of the PCB next to the pin on the top side.

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You need a separate copy of Windows XP is what I used. Cat hair had clogged everything. From a guy who has been fixing these things for over 30 years, I toshiba satellite l15-s104 to wonder why the design engineers have forgotten a big rule toshiba satellite l15-s104 design; NEVER place high current satellie on the top of any PCB without adequate, multiple, paths through the PCB.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I have had the power jack repaired and it is getting power, but it will not boot. So I had it replaced and I received another brand new one. That could take a while with all the appeals, and that toshiba satellite l15-s104 month period may be over before everything is settled.

The power LED on the front should light up green. Otherwise, Im gonna keep a look out and hope a zatellite board comes along! Speakers that are not on the unit???? My question is, I have small re-soldering experience, and no experience at l15-s14 in taking apart and repairing laptops. After that I clean traces on the system l155-s104 both sides and apply new coat on them too. Yesterday, I spoke with a guy at a local Toshiba authorized service center. I have a M35X and satelltie gone through the pain of resoldering the jack three times until it came undone again.

The short is caused by a loose DC Jack on the motherboard. I think that you still can place the ribbon cable toshiba satellite l15-s104 the connector toshiba satellite l15-s104 lock it. I have a Toshiba AS with the same intermittent power problem. Toshiba satellite l15-s104 are your symptoms? Hi CJ, I am back again, I hope u remember me.

MT and MT probably engineered same way. If you encounter toshiba satellite l15-s104 problems while updating your drivers, you can use this feature to restore your previous drivers and configuration settings.

If the fan start spinning on start up and then aatellite off and never comes back, then it might be a system board related problem.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

These tips are really handy. The power lamp stays on blue, screen never gets l15s104 the toshiba splash and stays black. So, even though it tooshiba be just a failed RAM, you still have to replace the motherboard. I have a couple of these A75 machines. Did you put into hibernation toshiba satellite l15-s104 the last time you used your laptop?

With one of the laptops, I had the crashing problem from day 1, and not too far off, the battery charging problem. Could the powerbutton toshiba satellite l15-s104 the problem?

Took it in to shop and toshiba satellite l15-s104 fixed the Jack and it worked for about 2days. Saving up for a new one as of now, but if it keeps breaking, it could be years before I can get rid of this nightmare of a notebook.

toshiba satellite l15-s104 I used the instructions for satelliite the AS to try to fix the DC jack, but have not yet resolved it — ,15-s104 Jack is not mounted directly to the board on this one. Then, while connected to AC power, it suddenly started to run on batteries. Check if the motherboard is seated properly inside the laptop base.

Toshiba satellite l15-s104 have recently purchased a new AC Charger and new battery. Not sure which model, the info has worn off the label on the bottom of the machine. After going through the instructions on this site I disassembled my lap top 1l5-s104 did not found toshiba satellite l15-s104 thing wrong, One I assembled it again it turns on and works well but shuts down at once if I lift it up.

Hello, i am having trouble with my satellite a60, i just used it last night then it drained xatellite battery, i tried charging it and plugging it into power supply but toshiba satellite l15-s104 got nothing no power at all, all the leds are off. Toshiba Sound Driver Windows 7. So i had to re-dis assy, again and find out i did not lock the CPU to lock position. toshiba satellite l15-s104

It seems like toshiba satellite l15-s104 system is shutting off or something, but the LED lights are still on and everything. I have so much saved on it and am afraid 1 it wont work period when I put it back together, 2 that Ill loose my information. Well I took the chance and pulled on the cord. By the way, toshiba satellite l15-s104 so much for continuing to give advice on this. The laptop toshibq boot with memory stick l15-s1004 in any slot.

How to remove screen from Gateway MT – Inside my laptop

Do you know of one that would allow the laptop to get power from the docking station? E Emachines E Series: You have to buy the toshiba satellite l15-s104 jb weld not satelilte quick stuff. I would contact the seller before you buy it, to make sure the part is compatible. I too had the pwer problem and had a repair guy solder it 3 times it kept toshiba satellite l15-s104 pwer after a few months.